Backflow Prevention and Testing in Newtown Square, PA

Looking for a reliable plumbing professional who can provide certified backflow testing and prevention services? Reach out to our experts at MVP Plumbing for quality service and solutions! Our certified Newtown Square backflow testers can help with the installation, repair, and replacement of approved backflow prevention devices.

Make sure your property continues to remain compliant with local requirements. Call today to schedule backflow testing or to discuss your needs for backflow prevention system installation or replacement in Newtown Square, PA.

Are Newtown Square Homeowners Required to Install Backflow Prevention Systems?

Backflow prevention systems are required in all commercial buildings and facilities, as well as multi-family buildings. These properties will often have fire suppression systems or commercial boilers that can potentially cause cross connections. 

For single-family homes, backflow prevention devices are required if your home relies on a well system or if you have lawn sprinklers or other types of irrigation systems.

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What is Backflow? What Causes It?

Backflow is the result of cross connections between clean and contaminated water supplies. Without a working backflow prevention system in place, cross connections can occur and result in wastewater flowing in reverse and contaminating the city’s main water line or your own potable water supply.

Backflow is caused by either backpressure or backsiphonage. Backpressure occurs as a result of an imbalance in water pressure between the municipal water line and your private plumbing line. Backsiphonage is typically caused by an illegally opened fire hydrant or damage to the city’s water main.

The potential for cross connections and contaminated water supplies can be avoided with professionally installed backflow devices and regular device testing. If you are required to have a backflow prevention system installed on your residential or commercial property, contact our Newtown Square, PA backflow prevention and testing experts for the professional solutions you need.

Backflow Device Installation and Testing in Newtown Square, PA

Backflow prevention systems and devices are an essential part of your plumbing system and work to keep potable water supplies safe from contamination and cross connections. This is why it’s important to work with certified Newtown Square backflow prevention and testing professionals who can provide the safe and accurate solutions you need to remain compliant with municipal regulations while keeping our community’s water supply safe.

Our experts at MVP Plumbing are here to handle all of your backflow prevention needs, from helping with installation and replacement to providing annual testing services.

Reach out today to discuss your backflow needs and schedule backflow testing, installation, or repair in Newtown Square, PA or the surrounding area.

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